What is 'Ginslag'?

In layman's terms, a Ginslag is a cocktail, but to those connected with their inner arsonist, Ginslag is a state of mind. Many a time people have said to me "even drinking a Ginslag, I long for Ginslag". You do not 'drink' a Ginslag, you experience it, feel it's fiery tentacles reach into your soul, and set it alight.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


hyp·no·sis [hip-noh-sis]

–noun, plural

1. an aftificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by a heightened susceptibility to suggestion

2. hypnotism.

Ginslag. Hypnosis. Do these words sound different? Yes. Do these words mean different things? Not really. However much a ginslag tries to explain to a 'ginuggle' what this experience, feeling, religion, lifestyle, life, means, some feeble mines cannot comprehend. Though there are those who call the methods we are about to teach you 'wrong', hypnotism is often the only way. It is not wrong, you are leading your subjects to paradise.

Communism. Ginslag. Do these words sound different? Yes. Do they mean different things? Sometimes, but when 'spreading' the word isn't enough, they often employ similar methods. Take a look at this video;

How does this make you feel? What do you think these subjects, Russian students being used in an experiment, are feeling? Their opinions are not being changed as such, but manipulated, influenced; channeled. In other words, they are being 'hypnotised'. Ginslags of the world, you can learn from this.

It is often beneficial to being conversion at an early age, the ideal time to make your intervention is during childhood. Though the minds of adults are easily twisted to your will, when working with younger subjects who both trust and fear you, there will be less of those annoying 'questions'.

Yes you did just see that. No it is not evil. It is genius. Unfortunately we here at ginslag have not found the time away from binge drinking and the abuse of hallucinogenic drugs to create a youtube video such as this, feel free to contribute your ideas in the comments section. For now hough, you can create your own (gin)Slagnosis experiences though the medium of your bodies. Dress up however you feel appropriate, or maybe don't dress at all, but put on a show, a farce, a cult of ginslagality that Stalin himself would envy - to bring those minds to the place where they belong; Ginslag.

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